Dental Outsourcing Customer Service Scores Top the Charts at Dale Dental

The vision for Dale Dental started in January 2000 not just to be best place to outsource dental understructures, but also to provide the highest level of customer service and technical support possible to our customers.

Throughout the year, Dale Dental uses online quality feedback cards with its customers on every case sent. In addition we send out customer satisfaction surveys four times per year, at the end of each quarter. We’ve been doing these surveys for years, and the results are the reasons we have grown to serve over 4,000 dental labs in the United States alone. Prior to our blog, I could never really think of a great place to share some of this feedback, but now our blog makes it easy.  I’ve been very proud of our team in achieving high praise consistent with our vision and I just thought I would share some of the results from one of our most recent surveys with you.

In addition, I believe sharing this information with you is a nice way to recognize the individuals at Dale Dental who love serving their clients every day. The results below represent the quality of our service and support in providing dental labs with understructures such as empress, empress emax, 3M’s Lava, Captek, CAD CAM implant bars, custom abutments by Nobel Biocare, Straumann and more.

So if you have just a few moments and want to see what Dale Dental customers have to say about us…just take a look.

In our survey, we asked Dale Dental customers:

Q: How likely would you be to recommend Dale Dental to a friend?

A: Our score, on a scale of 1-10 averaged a 9.02. What a great compliment and sign of the trust and satisfaction our dental laboratory customers feel in working with Dale Dental. Our team works hard every day to earn that trust and our clients recommendations continues to be one of our top methods of engaging with new great lab owners.

Q: How would you rate the overall quality and friendliness of our customer service team?
A: Our score there: 9.39 out of 10 with over 75% giving us perfect 10’s. I’ve always thought that great products should be matched with great customer service – and scores like that tell us we’re doing a great job at delivering both!

Q: How would you rate the quality, friendliness and responsiveness of our technical support?

A: Here too, our customers rated us with a 9.32 out of 10 with over 70% giving us perfect 10’s followed by another 14.2% with a score of 9.0.

We were equally flattered by some of the comments left by our customers in the “additional thoughts or comments” section. Take a look:

“I have really come to enjoy working with Dale Dental. They have a friendly staff and really have a strong understanding of the materials used in the field of dental technology and are able to pass that knowledge onto those who ask.”

“We like the consistent turnaround time and the communication we get for cases.”

“I just recently set up a new account with you guys and completed my first case with you as well. My experience so far has been great. The help I had setting up the account was second to none and the call I received from the supervising technician was very professional as well. I will be doing a lot more business with you in the future. Thank you!”


“Dale Dental has helped us expand services and overall growth of our business. Great product and on time service. Brenda, Angie, and Spencer have been absolutely wonderful to deal with.”

“I was extremely impressed with all the staff I spoke with. Everyone was very pleasant, knowledgeable and most helpful.”

“Your team at Dale always goes the “extra mile”. It’s a pleasure working with such a great outsourcing lab.”


“Dale Dental has always provided a great service with respect and understanding of each situation that arises. If they can possibly meet a deadline for me, they will. Anytime I have a technical question they are always there to help. I thank you for providing such a great service.”

Of course every business has its flaws and even our 9.0 scores would have been better if not for some of the lower scores that offset them. If you’re one of those customers that contributed to our ultra high scores, we thank you. If you’re one however who did not experience the level of service or quality exemplified by the above, I sincerely apologize and appreciate your criticism.  The lower scores and honest feedback  make us better and help us improve every single day.

If you’re a dental lab owner, manager or technician who has never outsourced with us, I invite you to make now the time. The scores and comments above stemmed from a great team and from my vision over a decade ago to provide the absolute best quality and service to the dental lab industry. Together with our team here, it looks like we’ve succeeded and I would welcome the opportunity to work with you as well.

The team at Dale Dental is second to none and I am thrilled to see so many lab owners made happy, productive and profitable.