Full Contour Zirconia Crowns Never Looked So Good

BruxZir full contour zirconia kicked off a new trend in restorative dentistry – efficiently produced and durable crowns, intended to withstand the demands of bruxing patients. Today however there are other options and our new Controurz with its Advanced Anatomy Profiles is quickly earning the respect of the industry offering dramatically improved fit and anatomy and no lengthy finishing time required to stain and glaze. I have seen many ads for full contour zirconia that all look great in pictures, and we even ordered some of them to see how the real cases looked. Needles to say, we were pretty disappointed.

The other day I randomly grabbed one of our Contourz full contour zirconia units off an outbound shelf just to see how it would stack up in a real world test. Take a look at this photo – it is a 100% real case that nobody ever knew i’d be looking at – let alone that it would be photographed. The occlusal, contacts, shade and anatomy were all spot on!