Use Your Brain When Outsourcing Dental Restorations

I was interviewed today by Renee Knight of Dental Lab Products Report for an upcoming article involving what to look for in a dental outsourcing partner. In speaking with the editor, I came across a fun analogy to describe why labs should not outsource to other dental labs besides Dale Dental. Not sure if it will make the article, but we both thought it would be fun to drop in the blog!

Basically, we started Dale almost 12 years ago as the worlds first dental lab exclusively for other dental labs. That means we do not work with dentists. We have almost 5,000 labs that have used Dale Dental in the US alone to get the highest quality, FDA GMP compliant understructures, bridge frameworks, CAD/CAM custom abutments, implant bars, implant bridges, eMax and more – all at the lowest prices and fastest turnaround time.

Still it escapes me why not all 10,000+ dental labs in the US use us and why they would ever choose to use any other lab for dental outsourcing else, especially a lab that may also be their competitor. Imagine, taking money from their lab customer on one side, and then using it to try to steal that customers business on the other. By the way, every outsourcing operation I know of, except Dale Dental, is a competing dental lab, even the ones that operate under a different name to hide it!

When discussing this today with the editor, it finally hit me, it reminded me of the movie Hannibal, where Ray Liotta actually eats his own brain. I thought to myself, during this interview…why would any dental lab owner chose to use any other lab besides Dale Dental, a lab that is or can also be their competitor…it’s really like eating your own brain.

So, the moral of the story, if you’re a lab owner, don’t outsource to your competitors, it’s like eating your own brain and just does not makes sense. Call 888-Get-Dale today, it’s the smart thing to do.