Zirconia Understructures & Other Exciting Options

We are pleased to announce many new exciting options for Coral Optical Zirconia restorations.

First, effective December 1st, Coral zirconia understructures are now available in just one day. This means that Coral understructures we get on Monday are at your lab, ready for your ceramic layering on Wednesday.

In addition, earlier in November we announced our new Dale Complete options for Coral and other restorations such as Lava, Empress, eMax, Captek and PFM’s. This means you can now get Coral and other restorations delivered back to your lab already finished to four levels of completion.

Understructure Only – Simply unpack and stack!

Incisal Ready! – Delivered with the hue color already perfectly pressed to your coping up to 85% of the full contour. You simply layer with our available low fusing incisal ceramics, stain and glaze.

Bisque Bake – Let Dale take your case to bisque bake. You apply your final touches, stain and glaze.

Stained & Glazed – We adhere to your preferences and deliver a unit ready for delivery to your doctors.

All four of the above options are manufactured in our Richardson, TX FDA GMP compliant, ISO 9001:2008 certified facility for your piece of mind. And as always, all four options included genuine Coral Understructures authentic decals, each with a unique number that can verified at www.CoralCrowns.com.

So whether you need your Coral restorations one day faster, or need them taken to new levels of completion, Dale and Coral have the answers. As always, you can find all of these options available on our online case entry at www.DaleDental.com/OCE or call us at 888-Get-Dale to learn more.

Have a great holiday season.